Re-grip – size matters and is a big part of fitting; arthritic grips are also available. Just ask for Pat.
Re-Shafting Woods & Irons.
- Reshafting – fitting into the correct shaft for you can add distance.
- Spining – a frequency evaluation will let us know if your club can be improved with spine alignment
Adjusting the Loft and Lie.
- this is a must; most clubs on the rack need adjusting to fit you.
Our fitters spent 4 days at the plant in Phoenix, learning about PING products, how they are manufactured, and how to fit golf clubs "Karsten's way".

Titleist Fitting Works Account.
We offer our customers a better fitting experience buy investing in the fitting carts and tools nessisary. Allowing them to hit the correct shaft and length and lie angle before hand allows them to make a better purchas.
Service and Repair.
Golf Etc. of Pearland provides on-site club repairs by trained, qualified and certified club repair personnel.  Certified through Golf Etc., and as a member of the Golf Clubmakers Association, we take extreme care and pride in the work done in our shop.  From high-tech repairs to simple re-gripping, all of our work is performed in a timely manner, with a guarantee on workmanship and materials.  We treat your clubs as if they were our own.
Swing Labs uses Golf Laboratories, the leading independent golf-equipment testing company, to provide objective robotic and player testing data for all clubs and shafts in the Swing Labs software. Swing Labs uses this data to recommend the best combination of golf equipment based on your customers' dynamic launch data.
Swing Labs 1 Hour Fitting.
- Driver Fitting is $80
- Iron Fitting is $80
- Ball Fitting is $25
Individual Lessons. All lessons are typically schedule on Wednesday evenings with our Director of Instruction, Johnny Gragg - Former PGA
V1 Video Analysis Software.
"V1 Pro gives our students real-time visual feedback and the software tools to identify our clients' technical flaws and quickly correct them."